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    Oracle Report Page Break Issue..

      Hi Gurus,

      I have done a report for cash/cheque receipt report which gives the detail information about the receipt and the applied invoice details like invoice number, applied amount in the last table of the report layout.

      This last table in the layout with invoice number and

      Invoice Number Applied Amount
      ========== =============
      123 1000$
      567 599$

      Now, I ran the report and seen the output in the pdf which is showing the first row in first page and the second row in the next page, i checked in the repeating frame property which has minimum window records - 0, veritical/horizontal elasticity - variable, page break before/after - No

      Can any one advice me on this pls?

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          Welcome to the forum !
          I don't see your report, but I'm almost sure that one of your data exceeds field size. To fix it, try set for all your report items (frames, fields, repeating frames) vertical elasticity to variable and horizontal elasticity to fixed. It should fix your problem. Afterwards you can investigate which filed/frame causes an error, setting back elasticity of your items


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