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    Why is configuration workbench not used often

      Hello all, I am working on an HRMS implementation. Now, the project manager (from client company) has most likely been to some oracle presentation and says the configuration workbench is used to create the company structure. Here is the problem for me, I have never used this in any implementation. Also, I couldn't find a way to modify the key flexfields (like Job, Position) etc and as if this wasn't bad enough, the client implementation requires the creation of numerous additional EITs, SITs etc.
      How does a consultant explain not using the configuration workbench? What are the reasons this tool is not typically used (as I have never used or seen anybody use it in 6 years working in oracle hrms)?
      Many Thanks
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          Duncan Casemore
          Configuration Workbench is good, and has got quite a bit better over recent releases.

          Sure, it doesn't configure everything. But I'm not sure your choice is that black and white: why not use Config Workbench where it helps and do the other config manually. If it doesn't do anything useful for you (unlikely) I'm sure your PM would listen.

          This sounds like a good opportunity for you to learn something new as well...