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    IR Report in APEX is Very Very Very Slow (Version 4.1 with EPG Config)

      I'm a Junior Developer who started APEX career since 1 year only and I'm always sticking on new challenges day after the other and I'm really cannot understand all of APEX options and LOV value Choices.
      Before a week I had started over a new project in my company which is showing an Active Lease contracts for one of our companies online where I'm using an APEX Technology to accomplish the task

      I had created one Interactive report (report / Form) simply by wizard (Data source is one table only with 25 Columns and 1700 rows) then I changed the Columns names from Report Attribute.

      Finally the page was rendered perfectly except one issue which is really annoying me and users as well, which is the slowness we realized when we change the Rows per page option from 15 to ALL or to 1000 rows, then our life became crazy , thus we cannot navigate or select any filter or do any thing due to slowness of response.

      our NETWORK is 1 Gbps and we are running Oracle DB on IBM Blade Center (powerfull Blade)

      Also we are running APEX 4.1 on Normal Windows 2008 Server platform (DB Version : 11g .2 )

      Please help
      and if any one can give me a steps to tune up my environment.
      Also please refer me to any site where I can access a knowledge base about APEX

      I had gone thru oracle OBE series but it's limited to few things and it's not covering all APEX options.