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    Getting Started with developerday

      I want to do some DBA practice work, Can anyone tell me if I can install new database upgrades and what is the sudo su password? I am new to this but trying to get going.
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          Hi chally1,

          Okay here in the Oracle Forums are a lot of people who can and will help you to do your DBA job.

          I can't follow your question? What do you mean by "Started with the developerday"?

          May be a virtual machine which can be downloaded from the OTN website.

          If it is a Image for a virtualbox so you can import this image and start it. normally there is a readme or another document which
          describes the user and password are used for this image.
          If it is another template then you need to setup an Oracle VM Server and Manager environment to use the VM templates.

          kind regards
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            If you are using the oracle developer days virtual appliance, the login to Oracle Linux is oracle/oracle.

            It then displays the following banner:
            All passwords are oracle or noted if otherwise.

            The SQL Developer and Data Modeler scripts are in the directory:

            To Reset the labs:
            SQL Developer: /home/oracle/reset_sqldev
            Application Express: /home/oracle/reset_apex
            In-Memory Database Cache: /home/oracle/reset_imdbcache
            XML Database: /home/oracle/reset_xmldb

            Oracle Enterprise Manager
            Start: emctl start dbconsole
            Stop : emctl stop dbconsole
            URL :

            *** Please note that this appliance is for testing purposes only,
            as such it is unsupported and should not be used as a production environment.

            inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
            inet addr: Mask:

            The root password is oracle.


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            I cannot find a readme file for it.
            For anyone else thinking of using this appliance, the OTN page is http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-edition/databaseappdev-vm-161299.html