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    Warning popup when opening pick applet with IE8 on


      we are currently developping on Everything works fine on all developer's lab computers and tester's lab computers, except all training lab computers. When opening a pick applet, a warning popup appears, displaying no message. Same thing happening when I click on Help->About view, but a second popup displays "AppErrCommunication". When I try with my developer computer connected to the same environnement, it works fine. Training computers are on Windows XP Pro with SP3, Internet Explorer 8.0 with SP3 and everything was ok before installing IE8 on High interactivity active X ( version) is not damaged. Siebel web application is in the trusted sites and enable every options (except one but it's suppose to be ok). Everything is enable in IE advanced options.

      Are you Siebel junk enough to help me?
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          You possibly have your proxy settings to be set correctly on your training lab computers. If the browser encounters a problem and needs to close, proxy settings need to be altered. Move the message that says there is a problem and make a note of the server address (IP/URL) which is launching the Siebel application. Now you need to include the Siebel server as a proxy exception (IE Options, Connections, LAN settings, Advanced (proxy server settings), Do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with <noted address>).
          Let me know if this helps.
          - Hashim
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            Did you manage to fix this? One of my clients is facing exactly this problem. Could you please share if you managed a fix?
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              See Oracle support details & inpromation:

              We are getting an "AppErrCommunication" error when accessing "About View", "Save Query As", "Record Count", and just about every other Siebel menu item dropdown throughout the application.

              However, MVG applets, pick applets, etc. are fine.

              This is happening with both thick and thin clients.

              After comparing that specific desktop with another users and looking for differences between those machines, when it dawned on that screen resolution was set fairly high.

              After lowering the setting, it worked fine.