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    Ututil error _execv() failed, err=2

    Marcel Hoefs
      Has anybody experienced the following error when executing SQL Developer's command line utility for unit testing ututil: _execv() failed, err=2*

      My system has the following characteristics:
      - Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit
      - SQL Developer 64 bit
      - JDK 64 bit
      - Oracle Enterprise Edition 64 bit

      Based on information found on the internet and Oracle Support this seems to be a supported combination.

      Any help is highly appreciated.
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          Jim Smith
          I see this all the time with 64-bit SQLDevelope main programr.

          It seems to be is harmless.

          I suspect it is the initial executable trying to run something that isn't available on 64-bit windows before it launches java.
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            Marcel Hoefs
            Hi Jim,

            Thank you for your suggestion. But isn't it strange that a certified combination of software components doesn't work? I agree that it is a harmless phenomenon for the SQL Developer GUI, but it prevents the use of ututil. This is exactly the component I need to use.

            I can of course reinstall everything using the 32 bit versions, but I very much would like to hear why this is not listed as a known issue in the 64 bit version of SQL Developer.
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              Jim Smith
              I'll admit I don't use ututil, but if I run it with no parameters, it continues after the exec error with a usage message.
              _execv() failed, err=2
              ututil -run ?
              ututil -exp ?
              ututil -imp ?
              Is it that error which is stopping you using it or something else? I've not seen any other reports of it not working on 64-bit windows
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                Marcel Hoefs
                Hi Jim,

                You are exactly right. I wrongfully assumed that the error meant that ututil didn't work. But is does despite the "_execv() failed, err=2" error.

                Thank you for pointing this out to me.