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    User database in OIM

      Is there an internal user database where OIM stores the user information- what is this database?
      Any info would be helpful.
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          Dhananjay Neeraj2
          Yes... The OIM uses an Internal Database...

          If it is OIM 11G R1 and R2, you can find the database information in the following location:-


          In this jdbc folder, there are some xml files.. One of them in oimOperationsDB-0237-jdbc.xml

          Here you will find the following entries:-

          <url> jdbc:oracle:thin:@oim.database.host.com:1521/oimdb </url>
          <value> DEV_OIM </value>

          So there is one database on host machine oim.database.host.com, at port 1521... The SID is oimdb...

          And DEV_OIM is the name of the OIM Schema user...

          Consult your Database Administrator to obtain the decrypted value of the encrypted password..

          With these values you can use SQL Developer to connect to OIM Database...

          In this you will find USR table...

          In this table OIM stores the User Information you were looking for.


          And if it is OIM 9102,

          the xellerate/server/config/xlconfig.xml contains Database information:-

                    <url> jdbc:oracle:thin:@oim.database.host.com:1521:oimdb </url>
                    <password encrypted="true">ZlsdyCP213ddr32r4xXWkZZ+A==</password>
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            Nishith Nayan
            yes, All user information is being stored in Oracle database. there are multiple schema/user is being used for OIM 11g. However, DEV_OIM(default name for dev machine) is used for user information.

            Most of the data is stored under USR table under DEV_OIM user. In case of your env, you can approach to the admin team for db detail or yourself try to locate as mentioned by other poster.

            most of the user info are stored in a plain text but password and security question/answers are stored in encrypted format.
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