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    How to block Entity Currency and make only ENtity Currency Adj available?

      I have some P&L accounts which need to be blocked for Entity currency but have a calculation in rules. These accounts still need to be available for journals. I have ensured that the Is Calculated is 'N'. Then I ve set up formulas for the accounts. Also I ve ensured that the accounts are non input for Entity Currency. The entity currency calculations are happening fine. I can even post journals but when I run a consolidation, the amount in ENtity Currency Adj dissapears.
      Thiis is the Sub routine for No input. I guess I'll need to add a HS.Clear for these accounts as well


           Dim sAccount, aAccountList
           aAccountList = HS.Account.List ("PANDLV2","[Base]")
           For Each sAccount In aAccountList
                HS.NoInput "A#" & sAccount & ".V#<Entity Currency>"


      End Sub

      Also for the calculation of teh P and L accounts, I have the following rules

      Calculate Cash Flow
      Sub CalcCPandLFlow(sPOVScenario)

           Dim nVal
           Dim aCustom1List, sCustom1, aCustom4List, sCustom4
           Dim sPriorScenario

           aCustom1List = HS.Custom1.List("", "C1_AllBaseXNone")
           aCustom4List = HS.Custom4.List("", "C4_AllBaseXNone")

           sPriorScenario = GetPriorScenario(sPOVScenario)

           For Each sCustom1 In aCustom1List
                For Each sCustom4 In aCustom4List

                     'Operating Profit
                     nVal = HS.GetCell("A#B20201.C1#" & sCustom1 & ".C4#" & sCustom4 & ALL_TOPXC1XC4)
                     Call SetValPL("A#P20201.C1#" & sCustom1 & ".C4#" & sCustom4, nVal)

      Finally the sub routine for calculation is

      Sub SetValPL(sCFAccount, nVal)

                If nVal <> 0 Then
                Call HS.SetDataWithPOV(sCFAccount & ALL_NONEXC1XC4, nVal, False)
                Call HS.Clear(sCFAccount & ALL_NONEXC1XC4)
           End If

      Please help me as we are in year end. Need help desperately
      End Sub
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          Chandra Bhojan-Oracle
          Please use the WriteToFile Function to troubleshoot the lines.

          General Information Regarding Using a WriteToFile Subroutine as a Tool when Working with HFM Rules. (Doc ID 1111670.1)
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            The clear action takes place within Sub SetValPL, but you are not limiting its exectution in the value dimension. As a result, the clear is being executed in every value member in which Sub Calculate runs. You must add a condition to allow it to only run when the point of view value member is not Entity Cur Adjs, or whenever you want it to. Generally speaking every rule in your file should at least have a value dimension condition with you determining when it should or should not execute.