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    Access two application with one log in

      Apex 4.1.1
      Oracle 11g

      I have two applications both in the same workspace. I want to log into one of them, but then have a link to a page in the second application, without having to enter a login to the second application.

      Trying to follow the following from a while back, but cannot make it work in apex 4.1.1
      Is it possible to access two application with one login?

      Both application are using the same ldap authentication

      I have both applications using the same get cookie process on page 101

      v varchar2(255) := null;
      c owa_cookie.cookie;
      c := owa_cookie.get('LOGIN_USERNAME_COOKIE');
      :P101_USERNAME := c.vals(1);
      exception when others then null;
      end; }

      The link I use to the second application is a javascript pop window for displaying the second application and call it with the java pop up url


      However, it still asks me for the login to the the second application. I found other conversations that said to fill in the cookie name in the Session Cookie Attributes in Security, Authentication of the second application and entered the cookie name LOGIN_USERNAME_COOKIE here. However I still get the second application login screen now with a bunch of numbers in the username field.

      What am I missing to get this to work without having to login again for the second application?

      Thank you,