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    Oracle Mobile server for iOS


      After going through documentation for Oracle Mobile server, I could not find support for iOS.
      Does Oracle mobile server support iOS?
      if not is there any plan to do so in the near by future?

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          We have a scenario in which we want to develop same application for android, iPhone and Blackberry. We want to have offline database synchronized with back end oracle DB. We are looking for a suitable platform which can do this. Going through documentation I could find out that there is support for android and blackberry but it mentions nothing about iPhone. Since iPhone also supports SQLite, can we expect some sort of support for iPhone from Oracle?
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            i havent seen any support for the iphone/ipad yet, you should contact oracle representatives directly in order to get the answer to this question. the fact that it supports sql lite doesnt mean much since writing the client (olite dmagent ,sync apis etc) for the iphone is diffrent than for android. talk to oracle directly for this request.
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              Our Developers are looking into iOS as a Client for Oracle Mobile Server

              We do not have any further information on this currently but rest assured as soon as we do have a decision and/or a date when it will be supported we will update this community


              Global Support Services
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                We have an urgent immediate need for a new iPhone/iPad application that performs basic synchronization with our application data residing in Oracle. What Oracle or Third party software products do we need to accomplish this? synchronization is required.
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                  Ron W
                  Despite many attempts at trying to get an update on this topic I can't seem to get anyone from Oracle to provide any information. I'm now at a critical stage with a new project and would like to know if the Mobile Client will be available for iOS within the timeframes I am looking at. If not, will likely need to look at alternatives which will mean one or more large Mobile Server licences will not be renewed. Surely someone from Oracle on this forum can chime in and give us an update on where this is at?
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                    In general these types of questions need to be handled on a 1-1 basis. Oracle does not pre-announce product or feature release dates.

                    For anyone reading this thread in the future, please contact your Oracle sales rep to discuss this issue, or any similar issue. They are welcome to loop me into the discussion for help with specific product roadmap questions.

                    Eric Jensen
                    Oracle Product Manager
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                      A product manager should be closer to the issue than a sales rep and should be more than happy to get first hand info from customers rather then filtered or blocked by reps.

                      iOS is a more trust worthy and secure platform than Android.

                      Political reasons against clients is not a good policy.

                      I was evaluating possibilities to migrate from Microsoft to Oracle with a strong focus on mobile applications. I'll forget about it for the time being.