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    Data Relationship Management error


      When i run the blender process and then try to move the node within the hierarchy, it prompts the below error. If i try to move the same node before performing blender operation it works fine. Please suggest!

      server was unable to preocess request. --->External Exception EAccessViolatin with message 'Access violatin at address 005DAB8A in module 'mdm_ntier_engine.exe'. Read of address 00000000'. Check server application log for detailed bug report.

      Error log from event viewer.

      The description for Event ID ( 3 ) in Source ( MDM NTier Engine ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details. The following information is part of the event: date/time : 2012-11-13, 08:19:20, 393ms
      computer name : US3SAWN00064
      user name : biservice <admin>
      operating system : Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 build 3790
      system language : English
      system up time : 22 days 18 hours
      program up time : 13 days 17 hours
      processor : Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 2216 HE
      physical memory : 1015/2047 MB (free/total)
      free disk space : (C:) 1.77 GB (E:) 90.26 GB
      display mode : 800x600, 16 bit
      process id : $f8c
      allocated memory : 95.74 MB
      command line : "E:\Hyperion\Master Data Management\mdm_ntier_engine.exe" -Embedding
      executable : mdm_ntier_engine.exe
      exec. date/time : 2009-03-09 13:26
      version :
      madExcept version : 3.0
      exception class : EAccessViolation
      exception message : Access violation at address 005DAB8A in module 'mdm_ntier_engine.exe'. Read of address 00000000.

      thread $10dc:
      005dab8a mdm_ntier_engine.exe UFormulaEvaluator 3797 GetNumChildrenWith
      005dad81 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UFormulaEvaluator 3859 Tmdm_NumDescendantsWithFunction.Calculate
      005d2390 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UFormulaEvaluator 1024 Tmdm_Function.CalcIntegerParam
      005d32fb mdm_ntier_engine.exe UFormulaEvaluator 1560 Tmdm_EqualsFunction.Calculate
      005d22ab mdm_ntier_engine.exe UFormulaEvaluator 968 Tmdm_Function.CalcBooleanParam
      005d2ba4 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UFormulaEvaluator 1408 Tmdm_AndFunction.Calculate
      005d22ab mdm_ntier_engine.exe UFormulaEvaluator 968 Tmdm_Function.CalcBooleanParam
      005d4488 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UFormulaEvaluator 1804 Tmdm_IfFunction.Calculate
      005d26f2 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UFormulaEvaluator 1180 Tmdm_StringFunction.StringValue
      005cb320 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UDeriver 499 Tmdm_FormulaDeriver.CalcValue
      0062e202 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UNode 1054 Tmdm_Node.FillStrDerivedValue
      00639d6e mdm_ntier_engine.exe UNode 4474 Tmdm_LocalNode.FillStrDerivedValue
      0062ebde mdm_ntier_engine.exe UNode 1245 Tmdm_Node.FillStrPropValue
      0063e249 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UNode 5741 Tmdm_LocalNode.FillStrPropValue
      0062e4e4 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UNode 1134 Tmdm_Node.FillStrLookupValue
      0062ebee mdm_ntier_engine.exe UNode 1246 Tmdm_Node.FillStrPropValue
      0063e249 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UNode 5741 Tmdm_LocalNode.FillStrPropValue
      0062f5bc mdm_ntier_engine.exe UNode 1404 Tmdm_Node.InternalPropStrValueByAbbrev
      0062fad8 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UNode 1494 Tmdm_Node.PropStrValueByAbbrev
      00639046 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UNode 4134 Tmdm_LocalNode.GetNodeType
      0063e079 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UNode 5706 Tmdm_LocalNode.NodeTypeHasValidation
      0063daad mdm_ntier_engine.exe UNode 5570 Tmdm_LocalNode.Validate
      006264c6 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UHier 1935 Tmdm_Hier.InternalRemoveNode
      0063595c mdm_ntier_engine.exe UNode 3202 Tmdm_GlobalNode.RemoveChildNode
      006289bc mdm_ntier_engine.exe UHier 2468 Tmdm_Hier.InternalMoveMode
      0062852d mdm_ntier_engine.exe UHier 2430 Tmdm_Hier.MoveNodes
      0064e014 mdm_ntier_engine.exe UHierImpl 518 THierImpl.MoveNodes
      77ce43dc RPCRT4.dll NdrStubCall2
      77ce2965 RPCRT4.dll CStdStubBuffer_Invoke
      0044ac22 mdm_ntier_engine.exe madExcept ThreadExceptFrame

      005dab75 mov [ebp-$20], eax
      005dab78 mov dword ptr [ebp-$10], 0
      005dab7f 3797 mov edx, [ebp-$10]
      005dab82 mov eax, [ebp-$14]
      005dab85 call +$5d8ae ($638438) ; UNode.Tmdm_LocalNode.GetChildNode
      005dab8a > mov edx, [eax]
      005dab8c call dword ptr [edx+$18]
      005dab8f test al, al
      005dab91 jz loc_5dabf8
      005dab93 3799 xor eax, eax
      005dab95 mov [ebp-$1c], eax

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          I had seen these errors if any of the formulae are incorrect and there is a conflict with global/local attributes.
          It is very difficult to find out which attribute has issue. I request you to please analyze the property definition and property params table.
          Good Luck with the analysis.
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            When i removed all the validations and verifications, the error no longer exists. However, if i assign/select any of the validations/verfications, the same error occurs.

            The error happens across all versions/hierarchies/nodes except only one hierarchy.