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    What are Lighthouse and waveset exactly?

      I have 2 questions:
      1) Can anyone help me in understanding the role of Waveset and Lighthouse concerned to User data in Sun IdM.

      I get pretty confused with the attributes of these 2 things while writing a Workflow. Suppose if I have to refer to user's manager pin value, what should be the exact code among the two:


      How to know the exact names of the attibutes for Waveset and Lighthouse?

      2) When a user is created, the details are stored as XML object file. How does this happens. Where will the configuration/settings be made for this on IdM.

      Thanks in Advance
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          I recommend reading http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19225-01/821-0378/index.html

          waveset and Lighthouse are basically two ways to reach the same data but are used in different manners.

          read in the waveset.attributes section of the document above

          -------------------- excerpt...

          Collection of arbitrary attributes that is stored with the WSUser in the Waveset repository. The value of the waveset.attributes attribute is either null or another object. The names of the attributes in this object are defined by a system configuration object named Extended User Attributes. Common examples of extended attributes are firstname, lastname, and fullname. You can reference these attributes in the following ways:




          You typically do not modify the contents of the waveset.attributes attribute. Instead, modify the values of the accounts[Lighthouse] attributes. When the attribute is stored, values in accounts[Lighthouse] are copied into waveset.attributes before storage. waveset.attributes is used to record the original values of the attributes. The system compares the values here to the ones in accounts[Lighthouse] to generate an update summary report. See the section on the account[Lighthouse] attribute for an example of how to extend the extended user attributes.
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            Hi Dhurgan,

            Thanks for the detailed explaination.

            We are facing one issue concerned to the application. Since we are using the customised IdM 8.1 application, few of the settings/configuration is missing. Usually when a user is created, his/her data is saves as an XML object file. Within this file the user's manager data is not getting updated or there is o refersnce for it i.e. <idmManager> tag is missing for all users.

            I think the user manager data is not updated on lighthouse and waveset too because of which users manager values are not coming up on few of the reports also.

            Do i have to add the manager attributes under Extended User attributes configuration file?

            Thanks in advance.
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              How are you updating the manager attribute?

              Manual from input or by activesync or reconcile or a combination?

              Wherever you process it you need to set global.idmManager to what ever you need.
              and you might also set accounts[Lighthouse].idmManager to global.idmManager

              it all depends on when you set it...

              We have an automated sync in from our HR resource, so when a user is created there it will automatically create an IdM user with the right internal id and manager etc. etc.

              We also run a nightly ActiveSync that will update various other things from HR, like department, division and such

              we then have scheduled reconciles that will try to match up these user with resources that exists and of course flows to create the from the administrative views too
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                We are updating the manager attribute with the help of Active Sync process. But this data is updated only on the Identity LDAP instance and not on Identity Manager resource.

                We too have a HR Flat File active sync process which will create an IdM user. It will invoke the various workflows such as create, update etc....based on the "FeedOp" value. But nowhere within these workflows I have seen global.idmManager getting updated.

                The application is customised for business purpose and the version change happened before I joined the project. So not sure what exactly is done for idmManager attribute.

                Reconciliations do run for all the resources every week. But till now i have not found any Xpress code that will run during reconciliation so that i can understand what actually happends during the process in a better manner.
                Any idea where it can be found or waht exactly happens.

                One more thing, how does a User Object(XML) file get created automatically, when the user is created?
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                  If you only update the LDAP resource, then this is the only place that will change...
                  You need to update it in all resources you need it to be updated, one easy way is to use the global.nnnn attributes

                  it need to be properly mapped to all places, but the default mapping should work fine for Lighthouse

                  in our active sync form... a bit cleaned up...
                          <Field name="accounts[Lighthouse].idmManager">
                  exchange the activesync.idmManager with whatever attribute you get the info from

                  If you miss a field to update the user view when syncing, then maybe you need to fix that or
                  add another recon from ldap to IdM with native changes noticed?

                  As usual there are lots of way to get the job done

                  As you see above, we don't use the global either, but we have several fields getting updated with that
                  but idmManager isn't one of them in our case :D


                  There is really no xml file created until you do an export of an xml object
                  the xml objects gets created from the different objects at checkin of their respective views.

                  So when you create a user, you fill out the form in some manner and then check that object (view)
                  into the repository where it will be saved as an xml in a clob with some attributes more readily available.

                  Not sure if that answers your question...
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                    Thanks for replying. I'll try editing the form.

                    But i'm not very sure about the exact attribute for manager on Lighthouse. Under IdMAttributeSchema Configuration the attribute is named as "idmManager".

                    For getting the date from feed file, we use

                    How to get the exact lighthouse attribute name?
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                      well, they dont have to be the same

                      An alternate source could have the name manager on the data.

                      Thats why we use forms

                      in IdM iirc the manager attribute is use to signal (Y/N|true/false) if the user IS a manager...

                      f.ex. if I check my own entry in my userview...
                        <Attribute name='business_area_name' type='string' value='Group IT'/>
                        <Attribute name='business_unit_name' type='string' value='IT Development'/>
                        <Attribute name='closest_manager' type='string' value='12345'/>
                        <Attribute name='company_profit_centre_code' type='string' value='yyyyy'/>
                        <Attribute name='country_code' type='string' value='SWE'/>
                        <Attribute name='department' type='string' value='Application Mgmt'/>
                        <Attribute name='division' type='string' value='Business Support'/>
                        <Attribute name='employeeId' type='string' value='nnnnnnn'/>
                        <Attribute name='firstname' type='string' value='Jxxxx'/>
                        <Attribute name='fullname' type='string' value='Axxxxxx, Jxxxx'/>
                        <Attribute name='lastname' type='string' value='Axxxxxx'/>
                        <Attribute name='manager' type='string' value='N'/>
                        <Attribute name='position_start_date' type='string' value='2011-04-04 00:00:00.0'/>
                      It's garbled by me, but from this you can see we use closest_manager in our Lighthouse to house the value of the manager
                      but the manager value is just stating N, which means I am NOT a manager :D

                      So in your case then...
                              <Field name="accounts[Lighthouse].idmManager">
                      Now, I believe the default name for the manager in IdM is idmManager, but you can ofcourse tweak that.

                      In the default User Lib (found in the UserForms) it uses a drop down to make the manager selectable, we don't use that at all :D

                      We made our own copy of this lib and the user forms refering to it... and tweaked it quite a lot...

                      this is how it looks in original :D
                      <Field name='global.idmManager'>
                        <Display class='Selector'>
                          <Property name='title' value='_FM_MANAGER'/>
                          <Property name='multivalued' value='false'/>
                          <Property name='sorted' value='true'/>
                          <Property name='valueTitle' value='_FM_MANAGER_IS'/>
                          <Property name='pickListTitle' value='_FM_MANAGER_SELECT'/>
                          <Property name='allowTextEntry' value='true'/>
                          <Property name='pickValues'>
                          <Property name='clearFields'>
                          <Display class='Row'/>
                          <Field name='idmManagerFilter'>
                            <Display class='Text'>
                              <Property name='title' value='UI_TREECOMPONENT_SEARCHTEXT_LABEL'/>
                              <Property name='size' value='20'/>
                              <Property name='maxLength' value='64'/>
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                        Hi Dhurgan,

                        Can you tell me what is the purpose of Default User Library? Also what is the purpose of using User Forms? How is it used with Active Sync processes?

                        I checked the "Default User Library" object file. There is no field entry for "Manager" itself!!!!. I can see al fields like waveset.resources, waveset.accountID,global.mail etc. Not sure why its been omitted.

                        Now if I add lighthouse.idmManager field inside the form that is used for HR processing, will it update properly or sonce the entry is missing in Default User Lib, its not going to affect anything?

                        Why Im very much conerned about this manager field is, im trying to generate a User report(since 2 months!!) which contains manager attribute too. This field is null for all records.Then i realised that user manager is not updated on Lighthouse & Waveset and because of which the field values are null.
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                          Hi Dhrgan,

                          I added the idmManager field inside the form and the User XML object do conatins the manager value also.

                          Many thanks to you:-)

                          But now the problem is, there thousands of users for whom manager value is not updated. Does reconciliation solve the issue. Is it possible to carry out the reconciliation on Lighthouse, because User report gets data from Lighthosue.

                          Let me know if my understanding is correct.
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                            These are pretty basic questions regarding the functionality of IdM.
                            There are some semi-good explanations in the waveset documentation on forms, workflows and the xpress language.

                            There are probably some pdf's floating around the internet with study material too.

                            The whole concept of IdM is around Forms, Rules and Workflows working in conjunction with resources.

                            The libraries are simply collections of commonly used "functions" to be used by forms, rules and workflows.
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                              it might, if its a reconciliated resource...
                              it might not be if you are using it for active syncing

                              you might be better off just doing a bulk provisioning of that update in some manner
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                                The idea is to update the idmManager on lighthouse resource.

                                I tried the below command under bulk resource actions:

                                This is not updating user manager value on Lighthouse. Is the above the command correct. Does reconciliation work for Lighthouse?
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                                  Accounts -> Launch Bulk Actions
                                  Action: From Action List
                                  all checkboxes unmarked
                                  no correlation
                                  no confirmation
                                  input area selected and the following lines in the input area...
                                  Task Summary 
                                  Name  Bulk Actions - 20121121 12:45:58  
                                  Description  Process build operations  
                                  Owner  Johan  
                                  State  finished  
                                  Host  IdM-Node-1  
                                  Start Date  Wednesday, November 21, 2012 12:45:58 PM CET  
                                  Expiration Date  Thursday, November 22, 2012 12:46:15 PM CET  
                                  Execution Time  16 seconds  
                                  Task Results 
                                  Task Extended Results 
                                  Update of user '43725'  
                                    43725 on Waveset: closest_manager 44569 
                                  Information: The operation was performed successfully. 
                                  Update of user '77774' 
                                     77774 on Waveset: closest_manager 43725 
                                  Information: The operation was performed successfully. 
                                  I know I have the closest_manager field in my user form (the one specified for users)

                                  You cant really reconcile Lighthouse, normally you reconcile a source to update/build the Lighthouse data
                                  you could perhaps reconcile the source you use for active sync, but once again, you need all the right things in that reconcile properties then
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                                    It's so seldom you do it, but it just hit me... we did it back in 2006 I think :D

                                    if you have a resource that you base your users on, you might be able to use
                                    Accounts -> Load from Resource

                                    need a lot of careful meddling if your doing it on production systems, I would test small resource on a test/dev system first.
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