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    Custom Expense Category creation in iexpenses

    Sree Reddy
      Hi Gurus,

      To use the Expense template in i expense modules, i have created the Expense report Template in AP -->Setup --> Invoice --> Expense Report Template.

      Here we are having predefined Expense Category like Accommodation, Airfare, Car Rental, Meals, Mileage, Miscellaneous and Per Diem. Now my required is i have to create custom Expense category and have to in that populist.

      Please let me with navigation how to achieve this.

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          Hi Sreehari,

          You cannot have USER DEFINED expense categories, you have to use the predefined/seeded expense categories only.
          The seeded categories are stored in the payables lookup OIE_EXPENSE_CATEGORY which has Access Level of System, hence one cannot modify/add more lookup values under it. (Navigation for the lookup is Setup > Lookups > Payables)
          Moreover any type of expenditure which a organization has can be mapped under the seeded categories provided..
          I believe this restriction is due to the built in policy validation configuration based on expense category.

          Oracle also states, any modification to the OIE_EXPENSE_CATEGORY would be treated as CUSTOMIZATION, hence it would not be supported.
          Refer - [ID 784448.1] - Unable To Modify The System Lookup 'OIE_EXPENSE_CATEGORY'