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    How to apply AIA Patch using Opatch

      i have an oracle aia update patch...how can i apply this patch using Opatch.......cann any one say me the procedure of doing so....
      Quick reply is appreciated....


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          To apply patches on top of AIA 10g you need a Standalone patch.

          In my case, i had to apply a patch on top of AIA 2.5 version.
          -I had to apply a Stand alone patch. The version used is stand alone opatch . this can be downloaded from the oracle support site.
          -After applying the stand alone patch, you can apply the aia update patch. .
          - opatch apply -oh <AIA_HOME> -jre <SOA_HOME>/jre/1.4.2

               AIA_HOME - Complete directory path where AIA_HOME is installed
               SOA_HOME - Complete directory path where SOA is installed
          Follow the instructions given in the readme and should be able to do it.

          Hope this helps