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    Upgrade To 4.2 Saved Interactive Reports

    Gus C
      We are currently upgrading our environments to Apex 4.2 from 3.2.
      Some of our applications have saved interactive reports.
      Is there anything special I need to do, so we don't lose these ?

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          Hi Gus C,

          At the time of Export please check

          Under Export Preferences

          Select Yes in Export Private Interactive Reports

          see below for info

          Export Supporting Object Definitions =     Yes
          Export Public Interactive Reports      = Yes
          Export Private Interactive Reports =              Yes
          Export Interactive Report Subscriptions =     No
          Export Developer Comments      = Yes
          Export Translations      = No

          This will export your Saved Interactive Reports.

          Hope this will helps ,


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            Patrick Wolf-Oracle
            Hi Gus,

            if you just upgrade an existing APEX instance, your applications, IR and saved interactive reports will automatically be copied over into the APEX 4.2 schema/repository.
            If you setup a new 4.2 system and go the export/import route, you should in addition to Jitendra's instruction also set "Export Interactive Report Subscriptions" to Yes.

            I would personally just upgrade if possible, that's a lot easier. You can always step back to 3.2 as outlined in the installation notes (or restore a backup).

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              Gus C
              Thank you both for your answers.
              Very helpful