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    Freezing and Blank Screen in Apex.

      Hi All,

      Need your assitience, how we can find the root cause for freezing and blank screen.
      Here is a strange scenerio occuring in my application.

      1. We have a Add Participant button, when we click on that button we are displaying a popup screen where the text items contains Autocomplete concept uisng Jquery prcoess.
      2. Usings are uisng two differnt types of machines from differnt locations for accessing the application.
      3. For users who are in U.S application worked fine, what out any issues while accessing the pop up screen.
      4. But users who are in Singapore bot problem/issue while accessing the application, simply it got hanged or freezed.
      5. As per our assumption we are asumping that this could be a performance issue due to network latency .
      6. Could you please help us how we can trace the problem to resolve the same.

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          Hi Anoo,
          what version of Apex and DB are you running?
          Is there a way you can get a developer to run in debug mode from Singapore, or at worst run a remote desktop to Singapore and run in debug mode?
          Is there a performance problem only for that page or process or is it a systemic problem?
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            Thanks Kofi for the inputs here are the information.

            Apex Build:
            Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi
            PL/SQL Release -
            TNS for Solaris: Version
            NLSRTL Version -

            Also we have observed that,we saw problem for that page..


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