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corrupted segments

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hi all,

one of my database block is corrupted. while performing validate check in rman i has given only datafile id and block id.

how we can find corrupted segments with these details. please let me know.

database is 11gr2 on linux 5.5

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    Osama_Mustafa Oracle ACE
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    You could use dbv


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    Aman.... Oracle ACE
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    Blocks within the segments only get corrupted. So if you are having the file# and the block#, you should start preparing plans to do the recovery.

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    check the table DBA_EXTENTS. This table has the SEGMENT_NAME, BLOCK_ID and FILE_ID. The column BLOCK_ID is the starting block of an extend so that you have to use the first entry with BLOCK_ID > your_block_id.


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    Girish Sharma Guru
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    Is this what you are looking ?
    col ownr format a8 heading 'Owner' justify c
    col type format a8 heading 'Type' justify c trunc
    col name format a28 heading 'Segment Name' justify c
    col exid format 990 heading 'Extent#' justify c
    col fiid format 9990 heading 'File#' justify c
    col blid format 99990 heading 'Block#' justify c
    col blks format 999,990 heading 'Blocks' justify c
    SQL> ed
    Wrote file afiedt.buf
      1  select
      2  owner ownr,
      3  segment_name name,
      4  segment_type type,
      5  extent_id exid,
      6  file_id fiid,
      7  block_id blid,
      8  blocks blks
      9  from
     10  dba_extents
     11  where
     12  file_id = &file_id
     13  and block_id=&block_id
     14  order by
     15* block_id
    SQL> /
    Enter value for file_id: 2
    old  12: file_id = &file_id
    new  12: file_id = 2
    Enter value for block_id: 80048
    old  13: and block_id=&block_id
    new  13: and block_id=80048
     Owner           Segment Name           Type   Extent# File# Block#  Blocks
    -------- ---------------------------- -------- ------- ----- ------ --------
    SYS      WRI$_ADV_MESSAGE_GROUPS_PK   INDEX          5     2  80048        8
    It prompts fileid and blockid (which you have) and will tell you the name of segment (which you are looking for).

    Got from Internet, but missed to copy the link.

    Girish Sharma
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    Helios-GunesEROL Oracle ACE
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    Please read my blog:



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