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    send String[][] type to pl/sql procedure from function in App.module

    Habib Eslami
      I use jdveloper

      I have a pl/sql procedure. the input type argument is 2-dimensional array(TAR) :

      create or replace TYPE ARRAYWEB as varray(160) of VARCHAR2(200);
      create or replace TYPE TAR as table of ARRAYWEB;

      PROCEDURE testi(info IN TAR )

      I want to send type String[][] to this procedure from a function in Application module:

      1: String[][] str;

      2: CallableStatement plsqlBlock = null;

      3: String statement = "BEGIN testi(:1); END;";

      4: plsqlBlock = getDBTransaction().createCallableStatement(statement, 0);

      5: plsqlBlock.setArray(1, str); //get error

      6: plsqlBlock.executeUpdate();

      but in line 5 I don't know what type I should use, and this type(Array) doesn't work