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    Page Parameters

      hello .
      i want to know how can i pass parameter from one page to another in webcente spaces , my case as the following :

      the first page display folders from UCM , each folder has link get another page contains all content on it .

      the link is :


      how i can let the another page get this parameter "CollectionName" ??

      i added page parameters on page "Album_details" is this enough ?? or should i use binding statement ?? if yes where ?

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          Daniel Merchán
          // Or
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            where should i write this ??
            on page parameter or on content presenter parameter ??

            what i know i couldn'e write addtional parametr on presenter just "datasource and region template "
            so do you mean this statmaent must be written on page parameter ?? then it will passing to page without binding ??
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              Daniel Merchán

              Passing parameters through URL like you said ?param1=value1&param2=value2 then you can access directly using the code above.

              If you want to map this param to "page parameters"then you only have to match #{param.value} to your page parameter.
              Inside the page then you can use #{bindings.mypageparam.inputValue} to get the value (in your Content Prensenter params or where you want).

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                but how i can binding this variable on my content presenter ???
                coz in Content Presenter propreites thier no place to wirte binding statment

                FYI , am using Custom Content Presenter that i created by sitestudio

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                  Daniel Merchán
                  Ok sorry i didn't read that you are working with Content Presenter using Site Studio Region Templates.

                  I'll do some test first.

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                    Daniel Merchán
                    Hello again.

                    In Site Studio Region Templates, used by your Content Presenter, you can access URL params (In your Region Template) directly with IDOC script as follow:
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                      i tried to do this but no data returned ..

                      let me give you more details :

                      -- the first page custom taskflow is created and deployed in webcenter spaces , the link which included to get the second page is :


                      -- in the second page (album_details) :

                      i create parameter "CollectionName "
                      with value >> #{param['CollectionName']}

                      now i need to use this parameter in my sitestudio presenter , the value od CollectionName is passed to page but i couldn't use it in my template
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                        what i tried to do is work , but when i choose "Folder content" instade of "Single Node"
                        in this case i couldn't user my Region template coz its supported only in "Single Node" !!!!
                        is thiar any way to let webtier fetaure appear when choose "Folder Content " ?????????