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    Alternative to SpringLayout?

      Most of Swing's layout managers have Pane representations in FX; except for SpringLayout. There doesn't seem to be a pane that offers the same incredible flexibility. AnchorPane seems to be the spiritual successor to SpringLayout, but it only allows you to anchor nodes to itself (and then only the same side, left to left, etc.), and not to each other. Trying the other panes and different methods of UI layout just hasn't been as fluid or successful as I got from SpringLayout. Is there anything I could use that would give me similar functionality? I've done a lot of searching and came up with zilch, so I apologize if this has been addressed before.
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          MigPane is excellent. A slight learning curve getting into it but very good once you do:


          It's available via Maven too if you're that way inclined.
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            Hm. It might just be late, but this just looks like a GridPane clone. GridPane already allows you to specify how many rows or columns a cell uses, and lets you attach row and column constraints. I didn't see anything more than that in the MigPane documentation.