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    How to troubleshoot Inactive Nomanager issue in R12.1.3 without root acces?

      Dear Legends,

      Our concurrent managers are down or inactive for the past 3 weeks. I have restarted the concurrent managers, ran cmclean etc and server been restarted also, but no change.

      I performed these steps using root user with ssh ppk file, now the scenario is our .ssh/authorized_keys files and folders have been deleted unfortunately, so i could not login to server @ o/s level remotely.

      Now i have to solve this issue remotely only, either

      1. solve the issue through application's from the front end? is there any way?
      2. without root user password how to login to the server?
      3. is there a way to login to server through any other user remotely?

      Sorry to say this but Little urgent.

      Thanks in advance,
      Karthik Singh