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      I try to write script to clear the existing mapping before loading the new one. I use fMapRestore function (it also clears current mapping), but running my script has no effect on current mapping. Please help me, what's wrong with my script? I'm not an expert in Visual Basic :( May be there are another functions that clear existing mapping?

      Sub BefImportMap(strLoc, strType, strFile)

      Dim strDim
      Dim strLocTarget
      Dim strLocSource
      Dim strCatSource
      Dim strPerSource

      strDim = "Account"
      strLocTarget = "One-to-many"
      strLocSource = "Sample"
      strCatSource = "Actual"
      strPerSource = "Feb - 2012"

      API.MaintenanceMgr.fMapRestore strDim, strLocTarget, strLocSource, strCatSource, strPerSource

      End Sub