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    SQLPLUS banner takes 12min to appear (TNSPING also takes 12min to display)

      Hi all,

      Here's what I did:
      1) Launch cmd (command prompt window)
      2) Typed in "sqlplus". Then, the waiting time for sqlplus banner "SQL*PLUS: Release .....All rights reserved." to appear is 12 minutes.
      After this I can log in to database with no problem (takes < 1 min very fast).

      Why did it take so long for the Sqlplus banner to appear? What is happening behind the scene? What initialization processes are going on?
      The same happens when I launch "sqlplus.exe" directly. From the moment "sqlplus.exe" window appears on screen, it takes 12 minutes for the banner to appear next.

      Grateful if someone is able to help with this pl. Thanks.

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      When a second cmd window was opened (while the first one with banner was kept opened), the banner on the second cmd window was fast to appear (took less than a min) This seems to indicate that there was some initialization process that took 12 min. Once connected/initialized, subsequent attempts for banner to appear were fast.

      TNSPING shows that the response is OK (140msec). However, the TNSPING banner "TNS Ping Utility for.... OK(140 msec)" also took 12 min before appearing on the command window.

      Strange. Anyone knows why and what's going on?