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    Issue in opening report and opening new report in HFR


      I am facing an issue in opening existing report and new report from Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio.It is giving a warning dialouge box like : nested exception is : java.rmi:Unmarshall exception:error unmarshalling return:nested exception is :java . io Invalid class exception.com.hyperion.reporting.graphice.laypout object;local class incompatible:stream class descr serial version UID : -5935754691914359246 local class serial version UID: -8114230707811325540.

      I dont understand why this issue is coming after installation.Is it required to reinstall gain and check or suggest me how to debug the issue.
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          you wrote about an installation. Was this a server side installation or client installation. If it was a client installation, look for a machine that did not get this update to see if it is the report or the installation.
          If it is a server side installation, you might try to export the report via LCM and import it again and then test this.

          On the java message I can not give you an answer.

          Philip Hulsebosch

          P.s. Your posting is in the Essbase forum, so a bit off-topic.