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    Adding Dimension


      I am working on a planning application and have data loaded for few years. I want to migrate the data from this
      application to another application which will require more dimension from the source application.
      I am thinking of two approaches:
      1: Is to load the data and then add the dimension and members in that application. These dimensions will
      have only one member to which all the data should be loaded. I think when you add the dimension
      thw data gets restructured to the dimension member and not to any other member. If that is the case,
      How to get the data to the only member in the dimension from the dimension member.????

      2: Is to add the dimensions first with one member in each of these dimensions and then use the rule
      file to load the data from the source referring the missing dimension member in the target application.

      Suggest the best possible way to achieve this???/

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          Export the data in column format, created a load rule in your target database against the exported data, add the default member of the extra dimension in the header


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