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    Sun Java Plug-in Required Installing the Sun Java Plug-in, version 1.6.0_19


      am new to this thread, excuse if any issues in posting,

      my pblm is am running my application,
      Sun Java Plug-in Required
      The Sun Java Plug-in must be installed on your local machine in order to run this workbench. The Sun Java Plug-in can be downloaded from the following directory:
      Please contact your system administrator to verify the location of the client installations. 
      Installing the Sun Java Plug-in, version 1.6.0_19
      The Sun Java Plug-in is required to run the WebLogic version of this workbench. To install: 
      Download the file jre-6u19-windows-i586.exe and execute it.
      On the license terms screen, select Custom setup and click Accept.
      If you want to change the default installation directory, click Change and specify a different directory. Once the installation directory is set, click Next.
      Click Next to accept the default browser registrations.
      Disabling Auto-Update Capability
      By default, the Java Control Panel is configured to automatically download and update to newer releases of the Java Plug-in as they become unavailable. 
      It is advisable to turn off this feature so that compatibility between the Java Plug-in and the workbench is maintained. To turn off automatic updates: 
      Open the Windows Control Panel, and click Java. The Java Control Panel displays.
      Click the Update tab.
      Under the Update Notification area, deselect Check for Updates Automatically.
      "Java Update - Warning" dialog box displays. Click Never Check.
      Click OK to save and then close the Java Control Panel.
      I have done the same and I restarted browser and my machine, and when I relogined to the application still the same message is appearing,

      I don't know if I need to set the environment path, but I have done it. any pointers will be helpful