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    SDDM 3.3

      Since the beta version of SDDM 3.3 has been released, does this mean SDDM will go from 3.1.x series right to the 3.3.x series with no 3.2.x release?

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          Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
          I believe there will be no 3.2.x version (99%) :).
          Why do you want 3.2 ? Should we remove something in order to get to 3.2 ?

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            I haven't seen any versions of 3.2.x. Of what I have seen of Beta 3.3, I like it. The improvements to the object type model are very nice. Now that we can define a PK or UK on a composite data within a column (a column defined from an object type) is something that I have waiting on for years. Till you released the beta version last week, we have been doing this by hand which has really slowed down the prototyping process. Now that we can put it in the model and push out DDL generated changes, the doors have really opened up.