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    Scale out question: how does instance name affect primary/secondary node

      OBIEE, Windows 2008

      On a test instance the following happened:
      1. Enterprise install of OBIEE 11g had problems
      2. Reinstalled OBIEE 11g, but the installer created an instance2
      3. All was well with this install
      4. Performed all necessary shared catalog and RPD steps
      5. On a second server, installed OBIEE 11g using the scale-out option
      6. On second server, this created an instance1 directory
      7. All components start up and we can log into OBIEE using either server1 or server2

      Does OBIEE use the instance names in a scale-out? Our primary node is instance2 and the secondary node is instance1, though on a separate server. Will this cause a problem?

      Thanks for any help.