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    DFF like fields in APEX

      Hi there,
      I am trying to implement a DFF like feature in APEX. I have done a quick search but it seems that I may not be using the correct terminology for the search as I keep getting results that say you can't use EBS DFF's in APEX.
      This is not what I'm looking for, I would like to build this type of functionality into my application
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          Hi Hilton

          If you know exactly how DFF works, then just put hands-on.
          It's not so hard as it seems

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            Thanks Oscar.
            I know how the DFF works but I thought that instead of re-inventing the wheel, at this stage not sure I even can, I was wondering whether there was not some sort of built in feature for this.
            Basically looking to have a field on a screen that will open a pop up for values that can be created as a sort of free field for each organization to use to their free will.
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              Are you using standard EBS tables or looking at using this functionality on your own tables?
              In either case though, there doesn't exist such functionality in APEX. If you want it then you will have to first define your attribute columns on the tables, then have a set of tables to hold the flexfield structure in (I wouldn't recomment reusing EBS ones for custom tables - the DFF infrastructure is massive in EBS and used extensively in places like HRMS, OTL - you could mess something up seriously!). Then you will need procedures to generate the DFV's.

              The main reason for DFV's in EBS is to allow users to extend the use of tables through the attribute columns, and assign a meaning to those. If you're doing this for a custom application then why bother? Just add the columns onto the table!
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                Thanks for the reply but I want to develop the same functionality outside the EBS.
                The application I'm building can be used on different sites so it would have the same use as in EBS.
                So basically I will need to recreate this functionality inside APEX for my application?
                The backend tables and packages is not a hassle.
                I am pretty new to APEX though so still learning the basic's.
                Is it possible to have a pop up type screen with validations in APEX?
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                  Yes, APEX has the functionality to perform validations.

                  If I read it correctly then, you are looking at developing a framework similar to the DFV framework in EBS but as part of a custom application which will be shipped to end-users. These users will then be able to define the flexfields and set them?

                  If so then I think the most complicated bit will be the design of the flexfield infrastructure from scratch. But once that is done then it is in theory pretty simple, you would just have to tell each page which flexfield was being used and then link off to a common screen which controls the flex values.
                  I presume you are looking at doing a very cut down version, and not implementing EBS concepts such as context?
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                    Spot on.
                    So basically the implementation of the database elements will be the difficult part?
                    If so how would I go about the pop page?
                    Is there such a thing?
                    I am starting to work through the Dev Guide at the moment so I might get there sometime in the next couple of days.
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                      Well, the database structure (including forms to maintain it) and then the appropriate queries to bring it all together, dynamically converting several rows into a single update statement. Ie. Your apex form will probably look like this:
                      Field 1 [          ]
                      Field 2 [          ]
                      Field 3 [          ]
                      Field 4 [          ]
                      Field 5 [          ]
                      but then you have to translate that into a statement such as:
                      Update MyTable Set Attribute1=:Field1, Attribute2=:Field2, Attribute3=:Field3,Attribute4=:Field4, Attribute5=:Field5
                      Where PrimaryKeyOrRowID=:RecordIndicator;
                      But you of course need to generate that dynamically depending on the number of fields defined, which have changed etc. I'd envisage some "EXECUTE IMMEDIATE"'s may be required. :)

                      As for a popup page in APEX, yes that's easy enough - to be honest, you're best trying it on a page as normal and then worry about getting it to "pop up" once it's all working, because that will be the trivial part. Once you have it working on a page you can link to it, forcing a popup, apply a different template etc.
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                        Thanks for the help.
                        I'll try and build this feature in.
                        Maybe if I can I will release it as an addin if I eventually figure it out.