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    Get read-only error when trying to create via CI

      I have created a component interface of the VCHR_EXPRESS component (along with the proper component fix for an initialization issue). I had VS generate a create_ex XML schema to be used by BizTalk (PS adapter) to create a new voucher. When I try to execute this create xml, I get a "psft.pt8.joa.JOAException: Property is read-only XXXXX" exception. The fields listed in the error log are empty in the XML instance (although the tags exist). For example, I get this error: psft.pt8.joa.JOAException: Property is read-only ADDRESS1_VNDR_1 (1,56). But in my xml instance it looks like this: <ns0:ADDRESS1_VNDR_1></ns0:ADDRESS1_VNDR_1>. There is no value so I'm not trying to set it. Could the error message mean I don't need this field period, i.e. remove it entirely?