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    Exported data files change clarification

      We are migrating a client from Oracle CRM On Demand to another CRM product. A couple of months ago we performed a full export and mapped all the needed fields from the current Oracle system to the new CRM system. This morning I went in and performed another full export to start the process of the actual migration process based on all the mappings we had performed previously. This time there were quite a few new data files that were exported and I believe this may be due to the "Release 21" that was just implemented. It appears initially that these new files are duplicate records that are associated to the main record. That is now there is an "Account Opportunity" data file where before it didn't exist. I looked online but cannot find any specifics on this. Can someone please let me know if this is the case or is there a document online somewhere that has this information? Thanks in advance for the help.