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    Open UI on Siebel

      Hi ,

      I am currently trying to estimate the efforts required to setup and customise Open UI for user friendly Web interface for our stores/partners users. Kindly let me know how this open UI works and How to estimate the required work in Open UI.
      Please assume that we have already a siebel instance (customized) which is actually used by partners users currently. They are not happy with the too many clicks and UI. As part of this project, we are planning to extend this for stores users as well.

      Kindly help me.

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          Dude, like everyone else your best guess is as good as ours. Until Oracle reveal the full detail of Innovation Pack 2012, it's all a bit hush hush. Interestingly, Oracle are now looking to make this available early 2013.

          I'm sure there will be plenty of Siebel contractors like myself who would happily help you estimate and plan for an OpenUI implementation... ;)
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            Hi James,
            We can probably help you on this one. Pls get in touch with more details on email.
            - Hashim

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