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    Masking Data in ODI


      Is there way to mask the data in ODI the developers can see from a given table? My client is worried that once ODI is granted access to a given table anyone would be able to access that table. The table houses unmasked sensitive data that they don't want people to see. Has anyone had to deal with something like this in the past? Could this be handled with security?


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          you can think creating views/materialized views to mask your sensitive columns..in a table..
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            The developer would only be able to see data in tables from a development work repository. Ideally, the data within a development environment would be scrubbed of any personal/confidential data, or, better still, be test-generated data which isn't confidential at all.

            In testing/production environments (containing sensitive information) you can utilise execution-only work repositories which only present the user with information relating to the execution of ODI components.
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              Thanks for the quick responses....

              I told my client earlier today that data in their dev environments should be scrubbed as part of their post refresh process.

              I'm new to ODI so the Execution-Only work repositories are new to me. :) I will need to read a bit more about it but I should be able to ease their minds a bit.