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    LXC and NFS

      Anyone been successful using OL6.3/LXC/NFS. Set up NFS on the host exporting home directories. In the container, when I try to mount the exported file system, I get an error message that says the filesystem couldn't be mounted. In /var/log/messages on the host I see an error that indicates the host is unknown. Ok, I don't have the container setup for reverse lookups so I can see that. But the interesting part is the "unknown host" error includes the IP address of the host, not the container. Almost seems like there is a breakdown in the kernel isolating the IPs.

      I was eventually able to get this to work by modifying the /etc/exports file to read "/export/home *(rw)" instead of specifying a specific IP or range of IPs. But I don't find this solution acceptable. Anyone got this working?