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    Custom authentication and actions within interactive reports


      I have created a custom authentication scheme, assigned it to my app and by all accounts, save one, it is working well. The only issue I have, is that I have several interactive reports, and as part of this, the actions button has some features that are unavailable to me because I am using custom authentication. One such feature is the ability to "Save Report" which works if you use standard APEX and/or database authentication. Such is not my case.

      I was wondering if there is any way to get around this? Is there something I can introduce into my custom authentication which will fool the interactive reports and make the saved reports option available. I realize that this likely needs to have some sort of ID or something by which it will save the private reports, otherwise it wouldn't know who is doing what. I was just wondering if it is something I am doing wrong or something I can introduce to make it work.

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          Matthew Morris
          I've never actually thought it through, because I've never had the problem you speak of, but what you describe makes sense. 'Save report' should only be available to Apex developers. If you log in through an account other than Apex or the DB, how can the app realize you are an Apex developer? I'm using custom authentication through LDAP/Active Directory, but I have no problems with the Save report capability being available. I can only assume that this is because my LDAP username matches my Apex development account username.

          Assuming my assumption is correct (also known as an asssquaredumption), your custom username probably is not the same as your Apex developer username. If so, you might try creating an Apex account with that name of your custom username and developer privs to test.