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    PS_APP_HOME and Process Scheduler

      I have installed a couple of environments with pt 8.52.09 and hcm 9.1. I just tried to run a payroll summary report and got an error that said the process scheduler cannot find PAY018.SQR. I looked at the log file and i have two SQR search paths defined but both of them are pointing to PS_HOME.

      When I look at psprcs.cfg I find the first SQR search path says %PS_APP_HOME%\SQR and %PS_HOME\SQR. When I ran PSADMIN to create the process sheduler I initially set all of my environment variables:
      set ps_home=d:\psft\pt852
      set ps_app_home=e:\psft\<sid>
      set ps_cfg_home=e:\psft\<sid>

      Then I ran PSADMIN

      The fact that both of my environments are showing the same problem makes me think I have some other value somewhere (possibly in the database) where I need to set the correct paths for ps_app_home and ps_cfg_home.

      Any ideas?
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          Could you check if PAY018.SQR actually resides on your environment. It should be found dir %PS_APP_HOME%\SQR.

          Are you sure your PS_APP_HOME and PS_CFG_HOME are the same location?
          The entire idea is to to have these folders separated, something like:

          set ps_home=d:\psft\pt852
          set ps_app_home=e:\psft\HCM
          set ps_cfg_home=e:\psft\config

          When I look at my prcs config it shows:
          ; Settings for SQR Software
          Print Log=N
          Enhanced HTML=N

          So first look in %PS_APP_HOME%\SQR and if no file found look in %PS_HOME%\SQR

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            I think you have an incorrect PS_APP_HOME defined in your configuration manager.
            See the Profile tab, click on Edit and go to tab process scheduler and verify the PS_APP_HOME path is the correct path pointing to your PS_APP_HOME.
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              You are correct. I have not setup the application path in the configuration manager. I'm a little confused by this, though. I'm working on our development box. We'll have a minimum of four different environments running on this box. In the configuration manager will I have a different profile for each of the environments (i.e. HDEV, HTST, HQA, HTAX)?