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    Problems importing into subversion


      I've created a data model in Data Modeler (, and want to import it into subversion.

      I've tried to import it using versioning > import files, then browsing to where I saved the files, but it's giving me this error:

      org.tigris.subversion.svnclientadapter.SVNClientException: org.tigris.subversion.javahl.ClientException: svn: authentication cancelled
           at org.tigris.subversion.svnclientadapter.javahl.AbstractJhlClientAdapter.doImport(AbstractJhlClientAdapter.java:888)
           at oracle.jdevimpl.vcs.svn.imp.SVNImportWizard.executeImport(SVNImportWizard.java:476)
           at oracle.jdevimpl.vcs.svn.imp.SVNImportWizard.commitWizard(SVNImportWizard.java:206)
           at oracle.jdevimpl.vcs.svn.imp.SVNImportWizard.access$000(SVNImportWizard.java:75)
           at oracle.jdevimpl.vcs.svn.imp.SVNImportWizard$1$1.run(SVNImportWizard.java:136)
           at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)

      Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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          Kent Graziano
          What version of Data Modeler are you using? Check this video for the process to add a model into SVN: http://download.oracle.com/otn_hosted_doc/sqldev/CollaborativeSupport/CollaborativeSupport.html
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            At first look I see user bp* attempting to use Versioning / Import FIles (a wizard) but the videos do not refer to this wizard -- what's with that?
            I would like to have seen user bp's SVN Console - Log.
            My log upon trying to create the remote directory using the versioning navigator resulted in:
            mkdir -m "" http://svn.<intentionally omitted>/gms/Datawarehouse/model 
                svn: authentication cancelled 
            Whereas using TourteiseSVN worked for the directory creation.

            About ...
            Java(TM) Platform     1.6.0_34
            Oracle IDE

            I'll dribble no more on this for this week other than to say that I finally got around to migrating to svn and I stumbled. Monday I'll review more posts as well.

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              Based upon an attempt to: 1) follow the steps in the OLL videos (as recommended by David in {message:id=10495450}) and those steps described by Philip in: {message:id=10423946} (which conflict between Wizard use and non-wizard use and possibly in other ways); and 2) that SDDM does not prompt me with a question to put under version control, I conclude that Subversion shall not integrate with SDDM for me due to my grander Subversion context being Subversion 1.7 with the changes in Subversion working meta data that SDDM does not respect:

              Working Copy Metadata Storage Improvements (client)
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