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    Unable to login to Catalog manager using administrator

      I am trying to log into catalog manager using administrator user.
      I get the following error:

      Access denied for user to path /.

      I could log into catalogmanager in dev and support environments but not in test and prod environments.

      Please advice what could be the issue and how it can be resolved as i am unable to login with the administrator user itself.

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          When the catalog is moved from Dev to Test/prod permissions are not copied. The users are part of the system folder (i.e Catalog Manager > Users > Properties > Owner Account = System Account), which is why Catalog Manager does not transfer the permissions.

          I guess that is the reason you were able to run the reports from dev and not from test/prod. To have them work you might need to refresh GUID's check the Oracle note [ID 1467256.1].

          Let me know if this helped.