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    cluvfy comp clocksync failed

      Hi all,

      Got a problem during 11G RAC installing, post install script shows error :

      cluvfy comp clocksync

      Verifying Clock Synchronization across the cluster nodes

      Checking if Clusterware is installed on all nodes...
      Check of Clusterware install passed

      Checking if CTSS Resource is running on all nodes...
      CTSS resource check passed

      Querying CTSS for time offset on all nodes...
      Query of CTSS for time offset passed

      Check CTSS state started...
      CTSS is in Observer state. Switching over to clock synchronization checks using NTP

      Starting Clock synchronization checks using Network Time Protocol(NTP)...

      NTP Configuration file check started...
      NTP Configuration file check passed

      Checking daemon liveness...
      Liveness check passed for "ntpd"
      Check for NTP daemon or service alive passed on all nodes

      NTP daemon slewing option check passed

      NTP daemon's boot time configuration check for slewing option passed

      NTP common Time Server Check started...
      PRVF-5410 : Check of common NTP Time Server failed
      PRVF-5416 : Query of NTP daemon failed on all nodes
      Clock synchronization check using Network Time Protocol(NTP) failed

      PRVF-9652 : Cluster Time Synchronization Services check failed

      Verification of Clock Synchronization across the cluster nodes was unsuccessful on all the specified nodes.

      Tried all metalink notes, configuring ntp with -x option, rm /var/lib/ntp/drift, ntpdate -u my_ntp_serv and so on.