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    Crash system and  *.vbox destroy !

      Hello !

      I had a hardware crash and i lost my config files of my vm principal. (virtualbox 4.2.4)
      But I have the disk (vdi) and snapshots.
      I work in the reconstruction for several days and I still have not managed to restart in the state of last snapshot.
      Can someone help me?

      I'have :

      original disk : disque_c.vdi
      original disk : disque_d.vdi

      In Snapshot folder :


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          Bjoern Rost
          There may be a better way but this should work:

          - copy the VDI files (just to be safe)
          - start the virtualbox GUI and create a new machine (just like you would when creating a machine in the first place)
          - instead of creating a new virtual disk, select "Use an Existing Virtual Hard Drive" and point to one of your .vdi files
          - you should be able to boot that machine (you may have to add your second drive later)
          - halt the machine and import it back into VDI just like you would with a new template

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            Thank you for your answer.
            In fact, it works but my problem is the recovery of snapshots.
            How to recover?
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              Bjoern Rost
              I do not think I understand the problem. You just want to rollback a zfs volume or fs to a previous snapshot? Look at the syntax for "zfs rollback". Or are you talking about vbox snapshots?

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                I speak of my virtual machine snapshots. I only willing files vdi base and snapshot directory (they were on another disk in the crash). So I did more configuration files for the virtual machine (*. Vbox)

                What I want to do is to rebuild the machine with disks and snapshot.

                What I have problem is to attach snapshots basic disks.

                Exite there a procedure, a program to do this?

                Thank you for your help.