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    OIM 11gR2 - Process and Request Form Filed Problem

      Hi everyone,

      I have a problem for 2 weeks, but I cannot find any solution on OTN and support.

      According to Oracle Support, there is two kind of user form.
      1. The process form is the one from sysadmin -> Form Designer
      2. The request form is the one from sysadmin -> Application Instances -> Form

      User->Accounts->Request Accounts->ADApplicationInstance->AddtoCart->RequestForm
      In here Prepopulate fields don't fill, actually every fields is empty. But On desing console, I make Auto-prepopulate AD User process form.
      Why prepopulate adapter doesn't execute on request form?
      On 11gR2, Can you tell me a flow which gets and show me prepopulate fields?
      How can I customize request form ?

      Best Regards.