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    Pass parameters to SQL stored procedure using OEM GUI

      I am looking for the most effective way to utilize OEM to streamline a tedious process I go through. Very often, I am forced to input information into a database. I use stored procedures and input certain parameters, such as the type, hostname, location, etc etc. I would like to be able to do this via GUI within OEM. I know OEM has the capability to run sql scripts on another machine. Is there a way to use the OEM GUI to pass in parameters to the script and send them off as a job to run on another machine?

      An example: I go to a page in OEM, select the database I would like to run the script on and type in the hostname, location and type into text boxes and send that information to the script and let it run. This would eliminate the need to actually log in to the individual database boxes and run the sql commands by hand every time. Is something like this possible or is there a clever or more efficient alternative to this?