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    Not able to add Application Roles in Catalog Manager in Offine/Online Mode

      Steps leading to the issue:
      1. Implemented MSAD (Microsoft Active Directory) Authentication in Web Logic. Now it has multiple authenticators
      2. Verified that MSAD (Microsoft Active Directory) orks since i am able to view user/groups from MSAD in web logic
      3. Created new roles in EM
      4. Added AD groups from MSAD to those roles in OBIEE
      5. When i log into as Administrator, i am not able to see any dashboards.
      6. I open Catalog Manager in the offline/Online mode and it does not allow me to add roles.

      Error in Catalog Manager in offline mode:
      An internal error occurred during: "Retrieving Accounts".

      Error in Catalog Manager in online mode:
      access denied for user to path /shared/<folder_name>.