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    Potential bug? dev builder edit templates

    Scott Wesley

      Apex Listener 2

      Edit page template, click save or next/prev

      Error: TypeError: $ is undefined
      Source File: http://localhost:8080/i/libraries/apex/minified/desktop_all.min.js?v=
      Line: 13

      Other regions types tried worked ok.

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          Scott Wesley
          That was FF message, this is Chrome
          Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'mobile' of undefined desktop_all.min.js:13
          h desktop_all.min.js:13
          doMultiple desktop_all.min.js:14
          $x_disableItem desktop_all.min.js:14
          (anonymous function) widget.tabular.min.js:1
          e.extend.each desktop_all.min.js:2
          e.fn.e.each desktop_all.min.js:2
          (anonymous function) widget.tabular.min.js:1
          f.event.dispatch desktop_all.min.js:3
          h.handle.i desktop_all.min.js:3
          f.event.trigger desktop_all.min.js:3
          (anonymous function) desktop_all.min.js:3
          e.extend.each desktop_all.min.js:2
          e.fn.e.each desktop_all.min.js:2
          f.fn.extend.trigger desktop_all.min.js:3
          a.trigger desktop_all.min.js:10
          a.submit desktop_all.min.js:12

          It's just occurred to me I've received this error before
          Development builder 4.2 bug? classic report column link
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            Scott Wesley
            This is a problem with the APEX Builder Plugin

            I switched it off, and there was no longer an issue - perhaps a difference between 4.1 and 4.2

            This error happens a number of locations within the builder.