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    Catalog sync

      Hi All, My problem is i can see only App Instance and Roles in my catalog, how can i get entitlemetent to be displayed into my catalog in OIM 11g R2. please guide me steps to follow.
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          Rajiv Dewan
          This feature is same as OIM 10g.

          There's a schedule task which runs on Daily basis (Entitlement List).
          You need to run that task for synching Entitlements. (Make sure pre-requisite are completed).
          Follow Developer Guide for details.
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            Nishith Nayan
            have you reconciled target groups/entitlements. if not reconcile it in the lookup. then run the schedule job "Entitlement List" this will synchronize the entitlements from LKV to ENT_LIST.

            This job should kick off Catalog Synchronization job to synchronize the entitlements to Catalog. An entitlement is available when it can be found in Catalog. But if it is not available you can run "Catalog Synchronization job" as well.

            make sure you have ticked the Process Roles, Process Application Instances, and Process Entitlements parameters while running Catalog Synchronization job.