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    How to access oracle forms from public ip through internet browser

      Dear Team,

      I have following setup:-
      We are using oracle database 11gR2
      Oracle Forms & reports : 11.1.2
      O.S : Windows 7 Professional

      I am currently accessing forms through local network through browser from server successfully.
      Now I want to access the same forms through public ip through internet browser from a remote location and not from our local network.
      I have also installed Xammp 1.7.7 apache server in the same setup computer.
      Last time I tried to access oracle through http server but xampp http port was conflicting with oracle http server so i needed to disable oracle http server for xampp apache server to work, at that time i was not needing oracle http server, now I need both. Is there any workaround to this for oracle and xampp to work at the same time in the same setup, please let me know.

      Can anybody help me to find solution for this issue.

      Thanks in Advance.