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    Complete interconnect IPs list in 11G

      Hi all,

      I would like to get exact list of interconnect IPs used by cluster. I know there is a lot of methods, but I want to get it by executing something on one node and get a full list. This is what I tried, but didn't like:

      oifcfg getif -type cluster_interconnect ( Shows ony, but my interconnects are and
      olsnodes -l -p (Shows exact IP , but only for current node. This is not good to execute on all nodes)
      srvctl config nodeapps -a (Unfortunaly works only for VIPs)
      more /etc/host is not preferable
      select * from gv$cluster_interconnects where is_public='NO';
      1 eth1:1 169.XXX.YZ.94 NO
      2 eth1:1 169.XXX.WSX.138 NO
      Yes, each interconnect is defined in eth1. I'm confused of these strange IPs

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