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    Handling Database Change Notification int ADF Fusion Web Application

      I am trying to implement a system that detects modifications (e.g. insert operation) in the database. I searched over net and found these two examples: [amis technology blog|http://technology.amis.nl/2012/06/18/notifying-adf-applications-of-database-changes-fast-and-lean-using-database-query-result-change-notification-part-one/] and [niallcblogs post |http://niallcblogs.blogspot.nl/2009/06/auto-refreshing-adf-chart-objects-in.html]

      I have downloaded a sample application in AMIS' BLOG and follow the steps which registers notifications listeners to database.
      Both requires "change notification" privilege in database so I have added change notification privilege to my db user.
      When I run the application It registers listeners to db notifications correctly with "registerForDatabaseNotifications" method.
      Adds DatabaseNotificationHandler instances as listeners. But when I inserted a row to the table,
      It does not reach to "onDatabaseChangeNotification" method as expected in the example.

      After this unsuccessful attempt, I ve tried niallcblogs post, followed the steps to create and refresh a chart according to emp and dept
      tables iln SCOTT schema. But again the notification does not reach to the method.

      I use Jdeveloper and access to HR schema over a remote connection to our Oracle DB
      Do you have any idea? I can add project sources if needed?
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