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    Datapump: can dumpfiles get copied when datapump export is still running?

      Hi ,

      let's define that a datapump export with the settings


      will generate 20 dumpfiles of size 2G each. The datapump-worker will create two dumpfiles in parallel and write to both parallel. As soon as a dumpfile has a size of 2G, the next file will get created and data will get written into.
      My question now is:
      can the files, which already have the size of 2G, get copied to another server? That would have the advantage that I don't have to wait until the end of the datapump export before starting the filetransfer to another server. That ability would certainly save some time and speedup the datapump export-/import-process...
      Or must I wait until the end of the datapump export before files can get copied - just because the datapump will update those files with "something"?

      Any help will be appreciated