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    Oracle Database Time

      Hi Oracle Gurus,

      OS: RHEL4
      Oracle DB: 10g
      Client: 10g

      I have 2 different timezone where by i want the DB time in EST while the OS time is in UTC.
      Currently what i have done is that i have set TZ=EST and startup the db and listener.
      When i select sysdate from the client, it shows EST which is correct (thats what i want).

      However, when i run the apps via the oracle jdbc, it returns the date in UTC. (something unexpected).
      These a few of my questions?
      i) Is there any difference from running client and jdbc driver?
      ii) How to make/ensure my apps return the date as EST without modifying the OS time into EST?
      iii) How to make the oracle DB into EST while sitting in a OS running in UTC and ensuring the apps always return dates in EST?

      The main reason having the above as because i have several database and so far only 1 DB requires to be in the EST timezone. So instead of allocating a new server, planning to put all the DBs in 1 box and running UTS on the OS but different timezone on the DB level.